Friday, September 30, 2016

Don't give up. Part 1

I know it's hard living with cancer but don't give up.  Doctor's may have told you there is no hope for you medically, but you can always find hope in God's word.  Miracles do happen!!!!

Let me start off reminding you out there that doctor's do Not know everything.  Even the one's who act and think like they know everything, they in fact do not.  There is a reason why it's called a medical practice.  They doctor's are still practicing until they get it right, is what my grandfather always said.  Actually, it is because medical science is changing all the time and not all treatments or medications work for all patients.  So it's called a practice, same with a law practice, laws are constantly changing. 

We as cancer patients put so much hope in our doctors that it is easy to forget that they actually do Not have all the answers and can in fact make mistakes.  A few years ago I was so confident that my life was completely in my oncologist's hands.  I looked at her as my life line.  In my battle with cancer during chemo and radiation I lost sight of who really has my life in their hands.  God.  My doctor let me down, my pharmacy let me down, and because of their mistake my cancer came back and I am now stage4 with a hole in a bone.  Thank God, God was watching over me and protected me from being damaged worse due to their mistake.  Doctor's are not in complete control.

I have seen and heard fellow cancer patients and family members share stories of how their doctors gave them a number of months to live and the patient is still alive!  Months, to years after the doctors were so sure the patient would have died.  Miracles Do happen.  Doctor's do Not know everything.  Only God knows your expiration date. 

We can forget our doctors as great as they are, are still human,  and as humans they are subject to mistakes and Not subject to God's plan for you.  God has your expiration date, a doctor may be able to guess a "sell by" date, but God knows your "best used by". 

Remember when the world can't offer you hope, there is ALWAYS hope to be found in God's word.  God won't let you do until He is done with your purpose on earth, until then, don't let anything or anyone stop you.  Enjoy each day you can as it is a gift and never ever give up hope.  God will never give up on you, so don't give up on Him.