Thursday, March 27, 2014

What every breast cancer patient needs (whether they admit it or not)

What every breast cancer patient needs whether they admit it or not

Living with breast cancer is not easy, some fare better then others in their treatments.  But for most of us, it is no picnic.  It can be difficult to work, do normal daily activities like laundry, cooking, cleaning.  We can feel sick as a dog or just plain yucky or fatigued. 

If you know someone who is dealing with cancer, please read this list and take it to heart as EVERY cancer survivor needs all items on this list at one point or another during their treatment and recovery time. 

1.  Help, help, help!  Daily activities are pushed to the way side when we don't feel well.  We need various forms of help, offer to do something nice for a cancer patient it will make their day!

2.  Dinner.  Cook or buy a meal for a cancer patient and their family once a week this helps more than I can say.  Even if it's macaroni and cheese from Costco and a salad, believe me this is greatly appreciated.

3.  Gift cards.  Gift cards are a gift from heaven for someone going through cancer treatments or recovery.  Gift cards from a local grocery store, Target, Walmart, fast food, it all helps and gives the patient/survivor something less to stress out about!

4.  Time alone.  Sometimes a cancer patient/survivor just needs some time alone, like we all do.  But alone time for a cancer patient can be time to cry in privacy, take a much needed nap or pamper themselves with a bubble bath.  Offer to take the kids to the park for an hour, the movies, a play date, an hour of alone time is a gift.

5.  Beauty.  As women we know we like to make-up and look nice.  When we look good we feel good.  Take your cancer patient friend for a mani/pedi, splurge on some new make-up, pretty nail polish, get a facial or your make-up done for free at the mall.

6.  Cash!  Cash is as important as help, these are the two things we need the MOST!  Cancer treatments are insanely expensive and many patients end up in debt or bankruptcy due to the medical costs!  Do a tip jar or have a fundraiser, have everyone donate a $1 each at your work place or church.  Believe me this will bring tears of joy to your cancer patient.

7. Fun.  Bring books, magazines, funny movies, inspiring books, self-help anything to help pass the time in the chemo room or at home.

8.  Movie tickets.  Movie tickets are a great item to give a cancer patient, so that they can escape their cancer for a few hours watching a movie with a friend or loved one and forget they are sick for a while.

9.  Blanket.  A super soft and pretty blanket is a great gift for a cancer patient.  The chemo rooms can be cold, we get cold easily when our immune system is down and it's simply comforting to cuddle up with.

10.  Fashion.  Something fashionable is awesome!  We are still women even though we are sick and some feel a real loss of femininity so surprise your cancer patient with a stylish purse, or hat, blouse, shoes something fun and sassy is great!