Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Importance of Nutritional Supplements in battling chronic disease

When taken correctly, vitamins, herbal supplements and natural remedies are very beneficial to one's health, especially when so many cancers now are environmentally effected or triggered.

As a certified nutritionist I know the benefits of good vitamins, supplements and nutrition.  As a cancer survivor I am living proof that utilizing herbal remedies and vitamins and supplements to boost my immune system works.  I am a mother to two school age children, and anyone who knows kids know that school equals germs, and because of a compromised immune system from cancer I am careful about getting sick.  So I created my own immunotherapy protocol to add along with the traditional treatments from my oncology team.  I can say that it has made a Huge difference!

Adding a probiotic, echinacea, Calcium D3, B12, turmeric and alkaline water has made an important improvement on my both my general health and in my fight against cancer and withstanding treatments and side effects. 

Probiotics are valuable, living "good" bacteria that stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Some of the important benefits of this association include the prevention and treatment of vaginal yeast, eczema, food allergies, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea (including antibiotic-induced) and inflammatory bowel disease not to mention the overall general health benefits. 

As a cancer survivor I can attest to the amazing way I felt and the proof of better test results in my blood when I started adding a probiotic to my daily routine.  My side effects lessened and I felt better, I also wasn't getting sick as much when my kids got sick.  I have used echinacea for years as an immune system booster but combining echinecea with a probiotic has made a world of difference and I won't ever go back to not taking a probiotic!

Hard to believe up to 80% of our immune system, is found in our digestive tract, but it's true and makes it our central defense structure when it comes to illness.  If you are good to your body, your body will be good to you.

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