Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Staying healthy this winter

Ok we all know that with winter comes the flu season.  You should also be used to hearing you need to be washing your hands MANY times a day to ward off getting sick too.  But do you know that your diet may need a change too??? 

In my grandparent's day there was real "seasonal" foods, fruits and vegetables that were only available in certain seasons.  With the improvements that modern society comes it's downfalls as well.  While we now have fruit of all seasons available in our grocery stores, it is not local fruit and therefore is contaminated with preservatives, pesticides, etc.  I can get watermelon all year long in my local grocery store, whereas in my grandmother's time it was ONLY found in summer.  People used to look forward to their grocery stores influx of "new" seasonal fruit, they used to get excited about the variety and nutritional benefits.  We have lost that, and it's sad.  So we may have increased the fruit availability but the excitement is gone as is it's nutritional benefit which has been decreased due to the added chemicals.

Some tips on keeping healthy this winter:

5 Immune system boosting foods for winter

Bell Peppers- red and green bellpeppers are great for vitamin C, as good as a glass of orange juice and can be added to many different dishes.

Sweet potatoes- these are one of the best ways to get vitamin A and others and minerals, a great source of immune system boosting properties.

Beef- beef is high in two essential nutrients (my vegetarian friends you can substitute) Zinc and Protein, be careful as beef can be high in saturated fat, so only choose lean protein

Oatmeal- A good old fashioned staple, for a reason, this is fiber, can have a variety of fruit added to and is filling, providing energy for your busy day.  Not to mention it is warm and soothing.

Yogurt- Yogurt is great!  Probiotics are the way to go, I have personally seen the many many benefits of adding probiotics to the diet.  I myself am not a big fan of yogurt so I take a probiotic supplement and try to sneak cultured yogurt in my diet.

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