Monday, September 22, 2014

Finding healing in the bible

Dealing with cancer can be like hell on earth and not only is our physical body tortured but our spiritual wellbeing is as well.  Medical science helps in healing us by administering medicine into our physical bodies i.e. chemo (medical poison), radiation (needs no explanation), hormones or hormone blockers, and various other medicines.  God heals spiritually AND physically.  There are many examples in the bible of God healing the sick, and injured.  I know what you are feeling I have felt it too.... God why can't you do that today? or screaming in my heart begging God PLEASE heal me today!  In Proverbs 4:22 it says God's word is spoken as being medicine to all our flesh.  And according to Isaiah 53:5,6 and 1 Peter 2:24, healing is A FACT as far as God is concerned and it belongs to us because healing was in the atonement.  I want to cry as I type this.  God is so awesome and His work is so beautiful!!!!!  I know I will be healed, one day maybe here on earth maybe not but I will be healed.  I don't know what God has already healed me from, He could have already healed me from other cancers before they could infect me or cause any damage to be detected by the doctors or medical tests.  For all I know God has healed me right this minute.  Oh wow would that be awesome!!!!! 

I just found this prayer in Colossians 1:21 and I couldn't say it out loud without getting choked up because I struggle with my fear of my cancer and I don't want to, I want to be strong in my faith and have it unwavering but I am human.  But the more I read the bible, do my devotions and walk in faith with Jesus Christ the less frequent those days of struggle and fear of my cancer, and now with this prayer it makes me feel stronger and more able to fight the cancer and fight for MY life not the cancers!! 
Jesus is the Lord of my life.  Sickness and disease have no power over me. 

This is SO my new mantra!!!!! :) 

Yep even gonna add a little dance to it!!!! Like the happy dance.... oh ya!!!!  Jesus us the Lord of my life, sickness and disease have no power over me!!!  Ok gotta get a better rythym to make this work as a dance lol!!!

Stay strong my lovelies !!!!!!