Sunday, January 5, 2014

Health Insurance Companies part 1

Ok getting on my soapbox for a bit tonight. 

Why is it when big insurance companies reap our hard earned money monthly paid to them directly from our employers and such regularly no matter what and that employer sponsored portion of the monthly premium do they make it so damn difficult should we dare to get sick and need high priced medical tests?

How are they the insurance company which lets tell the truth is just a service provider get to deny us the proper tools for diagnosis???  Is the insurance company a doctor?  And even if they have a doctor on staff what kind?  Honestly have they consulted with various medical teams from all over the country in EVERY medical field to find out what kind of trends and needs of their insurers are? 

Fact: Breast cancer is affecting  women younger and younger now, and there are genetic tests that can be done to help women do their best to minimize their risk of such cancer!  I was 35 when diagnosed with 2 forms of breast cancer and she had to Fight the insurance company to get me a mammogram.  We should not have to fight for our health!  And as for as Obama's heathcare act ..... we will see what happens.

Our health should NOT be a luxury, it's a God given Right!  We have children and spouses and friends and family to live for, we shouldn't have to battle the damn insurance companies as well as a disease, whatever disease that may be!

Ok I think I am done venting now :)  thanks :)