Friday, January 3, 2014

Wig or no wig?

As a girl/woman it's hard for us to lose our hair to chemo.  Sure we can beat the heck out if it in our youth, dye it different colors, bleach it blond, cut it short, shag it, grow it long, blow out, tease, hair spray, hot oil you name it and in the name of beauty we will do it to our hair.  But shave it bald??? Only the crazy celebrities do that, for a role or for attention.  But no self respecting professional girl or woman would actually choose to be bald for no good reason.  Unfortunately it is a very all too common side effect to most chemo treatment.  I am no exception.  I had 5 rounds of extremely aggressive chemo before my mastectomy in November 2011 and 4 rounds after the surgery ending in March of 2012.  As my oncologist predicted I started to lose my hair after the second treatment.  I cut my hair short to prepare for the loss, at the time I cut it my hair was past my shoulders I cut it about 4 1/2 inches to above my shoulders.  My mom took me wig shopping in Orange County, holy cow a simple one styles like Lisa Rinna's hair was over $300!!! Holy shit!  Well that was fun, I started to look in my own area in Riverside and found very affordable wigs at a local beauty supply/salon, I ended up buying two, one long like the hair I had just cut and another a cute bob that was more reddish-brown and fun.  I actually got tons of compliments on my short wig all the time.  I didn't go completely bald, I had about 1/2 an inch of hair so I looked like a newborn baby with a buzz cut! LOL  But I did lose all my hair on my arms, legs armpits, etc. So I got to go through the whole summer and fall without having to shave anything!  That was nice.
Truth- wigs are HOT, wigs are ICHY!!  I don't know how women do it, who actually choose to wear wigs all the time!  I have a love/hate relationship with my wigs :)
But in the end I really prefer my own hair.  Your hair can start growing back within 30 days of your last chemo treatment and mine was textbook, I originally had straight dark brown hair with red tints, and fine, and it came in course, curly and GREY!!!!  Ok started dying it right away, I am in my middle 30s I just had to lose my hair I am SO not going grey!  Give a Girl A Break!!!
I still have my wigs even though I have my hair back to more of a normal as it's been 18 months without chemo.  And I will be so Pissed off if I have to lose it again since my cancer came back 2 months ago and if the hormone treatments don't work to stop it, then it's radiation and possibly chemo again!  I pray the hormone treatments work, I really don't want to go for a ride on the chemo train again.  But I know I am strong enough to do it if I have to, and of course I reserve the right to bitch about it if I have to go through it :).
In the end if you have to get a wig, enjoy it and channel your inner Cher and just go with it. :)