Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Breast Cancer and Tattoos

More and more we hear about women covering their cancer and especially their mastectomy scars with beautiful vibrant tattoos.  I for one was dead set on getting a tattoo when I was healed enough.  I didn't know where I was going to put it but I wanted a breast cancer ribbon tattoo to remind me to stay strong and kick cancers ass. 
As a breast cancer patient we go through horrible treatments that often times leaves a lot of physical and emotional scars.  I felt all hacked up like a female Frankenstein between all the scars from chemo burning my veins, the port scar, the IV scars, the 16 inch mastectomy scar was a bad one that bothered me a lot.  Not to mention the baldness, the radiation burns I did not think there was Anything pretty about my body other then it was still alive. 
Those scars were forced upon me, I didn't want them, they were a necessary evil, of the sickness that had invaded my body, like scars from war on a soldier.
I knew I wanted a "pretty scar"  a tattoo is in my total control, I can get one or not.  With all the ugliness of my cancer scars I had to have one I could smile about and that was "pretty".
Now I ended up having reconstruction to my breast and chose to have a pink breast cancer ribbon over a cross on my right wrist as I lost my right breast.  Every time I look down I am reminded that God got me through this once, He can do so again and it gives me the strength I need.  It is very pretty and I do not regret it at all.
I do not think that we as society has the right to judge a woman who has beat this awful horrible disease for her choice to cover her chest in beautiful tattoos to cover the scar of her war wounds.  We should empower our fellow women for their bravery in their war on breast cancer and support them if they choose to memorialize their loss of limb with a tattoo.