Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Your family and your cancer

When you have cancer you do not go through it alone.  Everyone around you is affected by your diagnosis.  You will or have already heard from your doctors mention family and caregivers, these are the people who will take you to and from appointments, go with you, help take care of you when you are sick from chemo or home recuperating from surgery.  There are books that help cancer patients talk to their family, and especially children about cancer and how it could affect them and their lives.  There are also programs to help caregivers which can be a family member, friend, nurse, home health aid, etc. 
The one going through cancer, like me must not forget that their loved ones are going through hell too and need extra hugs, and appreciation. 
My mom took the news of my cancer really hard, I am her baby girl, her first born and miracle baby.  We were both so shocked that I had it, breast cancer was no were in her side of her family or my dads unless a woman had it and didn't know.  My mom offered to cry with me, she took me to try on wigs and even brought me groceries one time and hasn't stopped praying that I will be cured for good! 
My dad was my cheerleader always reminding me that we will get through this and that I am a fighter, strong and tough.
My husband was shocked, and worried at first and since then he has been my champion he has no doubt in his mind that I won't beat this and totally kick cancer's ass.
But my kids.  Kids are the hard one, they get worried, worry when you are sick from chemo, worried when you go into the hospital for surgery, worry when they see your bald head. (will dedicate a post strictly about cancer and kids)
Even the pets are affected.  My big beautiful pit bull mix dog was so sweet and gentle with me after chemo, radiation and all of my operations, my cat has been so affectionate and sticks close to me when I don't feel well and stays by my side when I am recovering from surgery.  They can smell the poison of chemo and radiation, they can sense illness and wounds when humans can't.
So don't forget your family, thank them for their support and love, they are a part of you as you are a part of them too.